Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring...gone again

March in Atlanta is very changeable. This morning we have snow again. The weatherman promises that it is just flurries and will not stick to the roads. I am tired of winter -even southern winter!! Last night there was a possible tornado close to the Alabama border. I guess I must have dozed through the warnings. I do that a lot! But today it is cold and gray out there. I am going to go to sisters this morning. I will work on the "good to go" bag and see if I can finish it up.
Cindi and I are both expecting quilts from PJ. Mine is the one I will give to Kris as it is her colors. When she was a little girl she told her first grade teacher that green was her best color. In that year she had a little Healthtex dress that was green. She loved that dress and wore it all the time. She is not so much into green now that she is a grown up! I dug out the plastic bag with "summer kitchen" in it and I think I will see if I can figure this one out after all these years! Sister Superior Pat just might have to help me though..if I beg!
Enough of this rambling, I need to go put some warmer clothes on! Hurry back Spring.

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