Friday, March 14, 2008

Temptation thy name is fabric

Okay, I admit it,I'm bad.....I went on a local quest for the fabric that I have been lusting. Melisa of Sweet Home is in Macon and Mike is not sure if this is one they are getting. When I called Intown, I was told, "We don't carry Moda". Well maybe you should! One cannot live on batiks and brights all the time! I think I saw it in Marietta but I am not about to drive over there. Soooooooooo, went online and ordered it from the FatQuarter Shop. It is such yummy fabric I can not wait to fondle it!!!!!I even have a pattern in mind from a book called It's All about Color and Fabric. So the fabric is being shipped today wootwoot! Once again, the good intentions......out the window!!!!:(
But I am a happy camper:-)

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Becky said...

You sound so happy!!! I love you tag: fabric addiction. Again, what fabric is it. I want to zip over to FQS's site and see it.

Take care!

Melisa said...

KARIN!!! You should have insisted that Mike call me in Macon to find out about the fabric. I've got several new Moda lines due in this month, but not sure about the one you want. And, of course, Mike can't remember. Now I'm curious, too, which one was it? I hate that you had to get it online, but I sure do appreciate you calling me first!

Melisa @ Sweet Home

Becky said...

I want to start a list of your famous phrases and one-liners. This is a good one:

One cannot live on batiks and brights all the time!

Right up there with Rotten Vegetables, The A word and Sister Superior!

Keep them coming,