Saturday, March 22, 2008

'twas the night before Easter

Laurie came up this afternoon to show me how to use Skype and also to show me agaain how to resize pictures. This time I took notes and hopefully will remember how to do it. It was a pretty day today. But with the pretty days comes the pollen and my head told me that Spring has offically arrived with sneezing and aching head. I have been in the South for ten years now-arriving April 1, 1998. The following weekend was the weekend of the tornadoes in Dunwoody and the beginning of my education in this weather phemonenon.
I can't believe I have been here 10 years. Where has the time gone? And yet, it feels like I have been here all my life. I miss my friends in NY but life here is good. I have made wonderful friends here as well. And I have reinvented myself and that is a good thing.
I did corral the fabric that oozed out of the sewing room and put it back in there. Not that there is any rhyme or reason in that room. It is really bad. I'm thinking I will need to spend a little time in there cleaning up. Laurie and I had more discussion about her planned quilt. Plan "B" will be the block with lattice work because it would be just too busy the other way. On a lighter note she thought Gretchen's Bella's quilt was really pretty. (hint,hint)-that is when I had to tell her that if she looked in her house she would see the same quilt. I gave it to her after Christmas when I made another. It is Honeyberries from 40 Fabulous Quilts. Such a silly child I raised. We had a great dinner last evening...I luv chocolate martinis!!!Eat dessert first, so you have room.

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