Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sue uploaded the pictures she took this afternoon of your sewing adventure. It looks like a kodak moment for Janome! I was working on a project for Sue. She has a student teacher this semester and has had her kids decorate blocks. I hit my sewingroom and picked out a bag of different fabrics and we created a simple quilt for them to present to her when she leaves. Sarah was a hoot-so into the fabric-I should have taken her with me for shop hop! She is making a little quilt for her American girl doll. It is a little cattymampous but it is her first attempt. Although she was pretty excited about the pincushion I gave her too! Emma wanted to be involved too. Sue found the safety scissors and she did some cutting of the scraps-then Disney called. Even Rob was intrigued by my needle threader gismo...."It took me 15 minutes to thread a needle the other day" oh well-the mother-in-law has good toys too!

Joan of Stitch 'N Quilt called yesterday afternoon and # 3 quilt is ready to be picked up. I will get it on Saturday at sisters. I need to work on the project for Sue as the student teacher leaves the end of this month. Then I have to think about the quilt for Laurie's bed. I think I am going to modify one of the patterns from the book I bought at Intown the other day and use the people fabric as a focus fabric-at least that is the thought of the moment.

Tomorrow it is back to the old grind. I tried reading this afternoon and promptly fell asleep. All in all, it was a busy and fun weekend.

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Becky said...

The student teacher will be thrilled and touched by the quilt. Good job! Looking forward to seeing pictures of Qult #3.