Friday, January 15, 2010


has more than one meaning. It has been a very long week but at least today won't be as bad. The training is over and the nasty people are gone. I pity the facility that gets them next week because it will be the real deal. And they are not ready. They were not even able to complete the whole process. At any rate, it is over for now/ I want to be a greeter at pressure! Too bad i think that a roof over my head is a necessity!

The other thing that is good about today........THIMMBLES WEEKEND. Fun time with my friends and a new project (like I need a new project). I have been way to tired to do anything after work this week, so I still have no border for Carolina Crossing and Carolina Christmas still has no backing. The other quilt top close to being ready has aback but it needs to be pieced.

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