Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ready, set, here I come..when it gets light out!

FaFaland..the real name-It is hard to believe that this beautiful place is but a mere hour and a few minutes from home. It is south of Covington, Ga on a 2 lane road in the middle of nowhere.

And then you drive for a couple of miles on the property. This is the gatehouse(unmanned). The cows are content and do not need to escape. This is where you leave all of your concerns of the real world. They remain there until you pick them up on the way home.

And here is where I plan to spend my waking hours for the next few days. In the company of some great friends and sew my brains out. I will also be laughing a lot and eating some pretty nasty food but I am not there to eat, so who cares. I don't have to cook it, clean up afterward or even think about menus. Just need to present myself at the designated times and eat.
All my sewing stuff is set to go-just need to pack the clothes...again toiletries and comfie clothes and I don't even have to coordinate!
Just need to wait until the sun comes up! Can you say "ready to go"?

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Susan said...

Time to relax and have fun!