Saturday, September 11, 2010

this week-on fast forward?

That is a train heading north out of NYC on the Metro North line. It was fun to watch the trains as we cruised up the Hudson.

I am not sure what happened to this past week. I got home from NY on Sunday evening and went to work on Monday despite the holiday. Too much work to do since only had one day at work the week before. Tuesday and Wednesday I went out after work! 2 days in one week!! Time spent with good friends and good food to top it all off.

Now I am into the usual Saturday chores. A little backed up on the laundry.

One of the items for this weekend is to begin to pull together all the stuff I need to take to quilt camp. I have to figure out what projects I am going to take with me as well as the project that is on tap. I need to cut the strips for that as well. And then there is snack shopping.

I learned 2 things while spending time with the ladies (and Pat!) on Wednesday night. One was that the quality of wide back fabbie is not the same as the "standard" fabric width. Who knew? The other thing is that I really love using straw needles to sew on binding. I need to go get some more since I am afraid I will lose the one that Becky gave me. i can't believe the difference. Only downside is that I need my needle threader close at hand as there is no way that I can thread this needle. I have a hard enough time with a sharp.

I read Becky's blog and her cleaning of the sewing room. Mine is in dire need but will have to wait until after camp and the cleaning lady because it will probably take me a month to get it done. Good job Becky!!

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

Brenda said...

Great to see you. I too have been trying to decide what to take to quilt camp.

Gretchen said...

Do you know what else straw needles are good for???? APPLIQUE!!!!! Hee hee. I cleaned my sewing room too but am not posting photos because it's just not that clean. Can't wait to hear all the projects you are taking to camp.