Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Kind of a random blog. While I am not fond of Halloween per se, it does signify the beginning of the grand holiday season. Hopefully after Tuesday, we will not have to deal with any more political ads and generalized mud slinging. In Georgia, we seem to have a poor choice but just which one is the lesser of two evils?
At any rate, Homeward Bound is finished and ready to be quilted. Wild Willie inspected and gave his paw of approval.

Not the most dignified of cats!

And speaking of being undignified AND humiliated..Lilly dressed up in her costume. It took Laurie and Rich to put it on her. (Just what kind of a hot dog is white?)

Laurie went to Napa last weekend and brought back some treats. These will not be shared tonight-especially #2 on the left! I hope she hides this one from Lilly!
And just one more thing...I need to defend my cooking skills. One of my children has made it known in Facebook land that my chocolate chip cookies are like hockey pucks. This was reported after her cousin mentioned them in his column today (Idyll Banter in the Burlington VT paper). I have to admit, I have lost my touch with cookies BUT I can really make a fabo pot roast and the Sweidsh coffee bread at Christmas is long gone before it is stale! So there!!!!!!

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Gretchen said...

Love the photo of Willie showing his fuzzy belly. Too cute! Quilt is awesome! Have a great Halloween hiding in the back of your house with moda man :)