Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heinous applique?

All of my friends know how I feel about applique! There will NEVER be a Baltimore Album quilt in this house. So this month's Groovy Girls included a demo on machine applique. Nope-not gona' do it.....I sat and rolled my eyes. BUT..
If I bring a project back to the next meeting, I get my card punched.....
Yesterday was Thimbles. I decided with my "support group" close at hand, I would try. And I did it. I thought Pat was going to hyperventilate when I showed her what I had done. The placement was incorrect on the bag and I was not happy with how it looked. But Pat gave me some tips and when I got home I tried again.
I will be sending this one up to Kathy in NY. Hope she finds a use for it. First I will take it to Sweet Home and get my card punched!
(But I hope there is no applique involved in the next month's project.)

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

A Quilter Awakens said...

Pat was a lot of help to me when I was appliquéing all those airplanes on my dad's quilt. I am glad you will get punched. (I crack myself up sometimes.) Karmen

And my "word verification" word is "buthedd." How funny is that?

Brenda said...

We will turn you into an applique-er yet. Love the bag, glad you will get a punch.