Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back to the Kitchen

Yesterday was the day!! The man is coming to install my new dishwasher. Sometime around one o'clock I decided I had better call Lowe's and remind them I need a call at work ahead of time so I can get home to meet him. It is a good thing I did. No, the woman in the office did not know I needed this call and yes the man had just been at the store and picked up 2 dishwashers. Now when I bought the new appliances a couple of weeks ago, they originally tried to deliver 2 dishwashers. One went back to the store and the other to the garage to await Mr. Installer. Now 2 more are coming....yikes!! Mr. Installer and I arrived at my house at the same time. Now the new pretty white dishwasher is in, the old yucky black-front dishwasher is gone and the boxed dishwasher is back at Lowe's. I love my kitchen. And it will stay clean since I hardly ever use it!! So what's with those little electrolsol dishwasher detergent things?? I have to go to the store and read the directions on how many to use, etc. but then again, I am a Cascade kind of person.

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