Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Managing the UFO'a

All of my quilting friends have our UFO's, don't we? I think my UFO's are way out of control.
Renee, my friend and co-founder of the ABC Club ( more about that some other time) has decided that she was going to number her completed items with the year included. (2008-1, 2008-2, etc. I think that is a right good idea! so therefore:
2008-1: Laurie's quilt, Memories of France
2008-2 My new fav-Honeyberry Hearts. I have taken to carrying that one back and forth bed to couch so I can use it while I am watching TV too (or watching TV with my eyes closed, snuggled with Henry). Both Henry and Spiff seem to like it too!

Now a couple of years ago I decided to list all my UFO's on index cards and put them in a little box to pick out and finish. That turned into a real depressing task as I kept adding index cards. I think the box is somewhere in the sewing room and I don't believe I ever finished one of those projects. I guess Debbie Fry has more discipline than I.

I'm still working on "peace in the valley". I have 5 more of the basic paper pieced blocks to do. I think I will have them ready to start on the next part by the next Sisters Saturday. There is another quilt in my head spinning around. I have the pattern but the fabric is not quite right yet. Sweet Home is having a fat quarter sale coming up......

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