Sunday, January 6, 2008

My permanant roommates

Above is most loveable boy. He loves to sleep on all my quilts but has a prefernce for flannel!
Next is Spiff..named after a local radio station DJ. Alas-there is no RAndy to go with him!
Lat but not least of the boys....Spooky. And he truly is. When anyone comes to visit, he takes a Pasadena. It takes me forever to find him. And when Bailey comes, I have to look in all the closets.

There is one more roommate...Harry. Now Harry is my only "northern" cat. Harry is rather antisocial and for years lived under my bed. She has been intimidated by the others so now she lives in her kitty condo (a 2 room crate). She is the oldest of the cats. I will have to try and get a pix of her when I take her out. She watches TV with me at night on the couch.

I finally was able to access the blogs of some quilting buddies. Gretchen's is far more interesting than mine...but then she has a real life!

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