Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Laurie's French Quilt

Laurie, my globetrotting daughter AKA Ms MBA, traveled to France in 2006 as part of her course work(?) toward her degree. While wining and dining and wining across the south of France, she found fabric for Mom to make a quilt for her.
So fast forward to late 2007. Mom finally finished the quilt top. Laur has since traveled to India and fortunately did not bring back more fabric.

And now it is finished!! It is an interesting pattern. The blocks are sewn together and then cut aprt on the diagonal and sewn back together again. The end effect is the quilt looks like it is set on point but it isn't! No bias to deal with.

I hope Laurie and Bailey like their new quilt.

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laurie said...

We don't *like* our new quilt....we LOVE IT!!!! and it matches our living room!!!! Wahooo!!!