Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reading in the dark.......

This morning I finished "T is for Trespass". I guess I am tired of Kinsey because I could not wait to finish the book. The other thing was it had to do with elder abuse and since I work around elders all day long. Now I just have to wait until the library lets me know the book I reserved is in.
I ended up taking the quilt over to Stitch 'N Quilt for quilting. I got to see my firend Wendy. She has such a good eye and was able to pick out a binding for me in about 2 seconds! The hardest thing was deciding what color to do the quilting in. Wendy, Pam and I must have tired 7 colors. I have to decide what I will do for the winter stitch in. I guess I won't have a problem with having nothing to do-probelm is too many UFO's. Come on Saturday!!!!

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