Saturday, August 28, 2010

Party on the Porch

The last weekend in August the place to be is in Conyers, Ga. Here is Bad Melisa peeking out at her guests. She won't let us in yet! First we have to play games and compete for chances to wind the prize below. I am here to tell you that the woman carries around some strange things in her purse. We also competed in a relay race. Oh what those Conyers denizens must think about the strange things happening on Green St. This year's competition was much better than the things we had to do last year. She had good things on sale once we were allowed into shop.

See that pile o' fabric? That is the prize that I won't win today but that is okay. Moda Man was in attendance (of course). Fat Quarter insisted on going as well because she KNEW that all those women would be hard for him to resist!
After some retail therapy, Gretchen, Sarah, Cindi and I went to Brewster's for dinner.
Chocolate and fabric..what could possibly make for a better evening.
Hopefully Gretchen will upload some pictures that Sarh shot last night. Check out Stell Bella

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Susan said...

I'm glad that you got a good photo of that fabric! We did have fun, didn't we!