Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

I looked at all my pictures and realized I have pictures of Sarah and Emma and assorted pets-Ayla, Gunner, Jade and Lanie. Somehow missing: Tyler. The pictures of Rob that I have are just bad. Since I value my relationship with my son-in-law, I chose not to put them on the blog. Rob-you owe me!!

Next year I will have to focus on Tyler as well. Laurie only had one good picture as well.

Actually I am glad that Christmas rush is over. Now I can sit and relax. I wonder if I can get Sarah to come undecorate the house. (Like that is really going to happen!)

The food was delish as Rachel would say. I loved the rasmosas. The chocolate martinis will have to wait until my painter arrives. Laurie-we paint first then imbibe! And Bailey needs to celebrate Christmas as well!

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laurie said...

I wouldn't exactly say that's a good picture of me- not my best moment at 8am with no makeup on! Yikes!