Saturday, December 8, 2007

Maybe I'm not losing it....

This was one of those days when I put my brain some place for safe keeping and forgot where I put it!

Today was Sticthin' Sisters and so I got up early to do the usual Saturday stuff before heading out. So far, so good.
I start to collect my supplies to head off to the shop......can not find my forked pins. I KNOW I had them last week when I put the Honeybee quilt together-but now they are nowhere to be found. Of course, the sewing room is now beyond disaster, so trying to find anything in there is a challenge. I even moved the couch in the living room thinking that perhaps one of the guys decided to play with the box. No forked pins to be found. They are not anywhere!!!!

Now using plain old pins will work but it is just the principle!

I had a good day at the shop and was able to make good progress in knocking off the remaining blocks for the project under construction. Then this afternoon, one of the blocks is missing. I counted the block three times and came up with a total of 47. Maybe it is at home-hiding with the forked pins. Back at home, I again search. The block remains MIA......BUT I found those silly little forked pins. Imagine that-right behind the sewing machine! I got busy and cut out pieces for another block. Later on, Karen from the store called and let me know that a block that looks like mine turned now I have 49 blocks. And more importantly, my mind!!

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