Monday, December 17, 2007

"the state" and Laurie-separate thoughts

After many anxious days waiting, the state finally arrived today for our annual survey at "the home". It brings mixed feelings of course because the next 3 days will be stressful because "big brother" is watching....but then it will be over, for awhile. Since we have been waiting since the beginning of November for their arrival, I'm glad it is an actuality. And now I won't have to go to work at dark thirty anymore and Christmas won't be spoiled with the thought of them coming in during the holidays. I'm also glad it is this week instead of last as I felt like death warmed over then.

On a much happier note-we celebrated Laurie's graduation yesterday. It's official- she has her MBA. And I finally got to see the inside of the Georgia Dome. (Don't get around much anymore)!

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