Monday, December 24, 2007

Twas the day before Chrsitmas....

I have finished shopping and wrapping!!!!!

Twas a very busy weekend. Friday was Stone Mountain with Sarah and a sleepover
Saturday afternoon, Emma came over for a sleepover too! How many times can you watch Dora and her kidnapped map?? Saturday evening we watched a lot of movies from my collection. I don't have many "grown up" movies but lots of stuff for kids. Clifford is always good!
The gingerbread house went well. I told Sue I found a really good one for her to do next year.....heehee
Last night Laur, Sue, Sarah and I went to the "fabulous Fox" and saw the Nutcracker. Somehow they managed to have it snow in a theater at the end of the first act. I really enjoyed the ballet. And I have made it ITP(inside the perimeter for non-Atlantans) twice in a matter of 8 days-a record!

Now it is on to the kitchen to start the Swedish coffee cake and meatballs.
This afternoon is the Christmas pageant at church and the on to Casa de Reynolds! Have to be up early to be down at the Frieds for the Santa fest.

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