Sunday, December 9, 2007

Did we move???

So it is the first-no second weekend in December. I decided I would have a "green Christmas" and not illuminate the house. Truthof the matter is that I just didn't feel like dealing with all of the stuff. However, the decoration natzi AKA Sarah does not agree and she told her Mom that she needed to see Meena's reindeer. Being the mush that I am regarding my granddaughters, this morning I went about getting the reindeer set up in the front yard. If they were real, and if they had a brain that could reason, I am sure they would be wondering when we relocated to a warmer climate. I am out there bonding with my white wire reindeer and it is downright warm. I can decorate the outside and work on my tan at the same time!

Ho ho the snowmen and santa are out there and dripping and sweating respectively. I have the little trees on the porch but right now it is just too warm to fix them..later for you guys.

I guess I need to think about the inside now. Drat.......or better yet, I will save that for another day......

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Gretchen said...


Enough with the global warming already. High 70s in mid-December--might as well move to Florida at least we would have the beach. I am going so "green" this year--I'm not even sending out Xmas cards. Keep blogging! Gretch