Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mission Accomplished

It's been a very long weekend for Laurie. But she has once again done a beautiful job. We spent a good part of yesterday afternoon hanging the new light fixture. It was quite a challenge but it is just beautiful. Laurie picked out a great color and we both think the kitchen actually looks bigger. I guess the yellow closed it in. My idea for the window treatment went ny the wayside but we went shopping in the sewing room and created a nice valence. I need a new wall molley and right now it
is up by a lick and a promise. Tomorrow is another day. The stove was delivered and I guess I will have to get an electrician because the recepatacle is in the wrong spot on the wall, so the stove doesn't go all the way back. I tried it out last night and made a potroast for my girl and today I made brownies!! The new dishwasher is currently sitting in the garage. The installer is on vacation. I an wait-the old one still works.

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