Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Carols

I love Christmas music....but listening to it on the radio all the time-gets a little old. The same songs are played over and over again-sung by a lot of dead people! How long haves Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole been dead? Still I guess it is nice to hear them once a year.

Maybe this weekend, I will get some more spirit for the holidays..if it cools off (just a little bit, please) I am not asking for snow or even cold weather. They can keep that up north thank you very much. I went shopping for Emma this week and found the sweetest little doll. It looks like her. I had to remove all of the dolls from the shelf to find just the right one. Can't believe that Baby Alive is back again. I passed on her when the girls were little. One more foray out to the stores and I should be finished with Christmas shopping. My plan is to keep it simple. I still have not done anything further about decorating inside the house. The little trees on the porch remain naked as well. If I delay just a little bit longer, it will be time to put the decorations away for another year.

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