Thursday, January 17, 2008

the day after the "big" snow storm

I have been reading all of my friends blogs this morning and they all deal with the"snowstorm" that blew in yesterday.
Pleeease...I guess there was about an inch (maybe) here in L'ville. But it was quite amusing. 11Alive cancelled the evening news with Brian Williams so they could continue the weather reports.

Sarah(age almost 6) told her Mom that it was "raining snow".

But now it is gone. I can't say I am sad. We have not had snow in Atlanta in 3 years and to me that is a good thing. The winters of '96 and '97 living in NY and having to shovel that damn driveway did me in. I have always disliked the snow and cold and that pushed me right over the edge. Ergo, I live in the South now! And snow is just another four letter word. White s--- is what I call it.

Today my sometimes roommate returns for a short holiday while Laur goes to Cal. to visit some of her boys. I think she said she was going to check out some wineries in the Napa Valley. Why am I not surprised!

I guess I should go to work-no snow day for me!!

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