Saturday, January 19, 2008

winter storm warning-part deux

There is a winter storm warning again-"heavy snow due- 1-2". Yet again the news is on early for snow reports! It was supposed to start around midnight as rain and then tranistion to snow. Go didn't start on time-what a surprise.
When I let Bailey out in the backyard, I can feel a little drizzle. Now the idea of the dog in the backyard on a chain so she can not repeat the great escape should keep me from not having to go out in the precipitation. But no....Bailey insists on wrapping herself around patio furniture assuring that I have to go out and untangle the chain. Such a dumb dog!!! (Sorry, Laurie)

Last evening I went over to S&Q and picked up my quilt. I am so excited because it was ready way early! The ladies did a beautiful job on the quilting. It is one of their new patterns and it is full of swirling hearts. It is gorgeous. This is my replacement for the quilt I gave to Laur recently. Bailey will not be napping on this one! Last night, however, she was on the couch on top of a quilt...smelly dog now I have to wash that one!

So today I will sew.....I have to make the binding for the new quilt and also work on "peace in the valley" I only have 4 blocks done on that one.

I'll keep the TV on so I can listen to further "heavy snow warnings"!

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