Thursday, November 13, 2008

sleeping disturbances

For the past few nights, I have had trouble staying awake in the early evening. I attributed it to drinking a glass of milk with supper. Even when I eliminated the milk and switched to tea, I still fell asleep. So much for the milk theory. Last night I was determined to stay awake. I decided to do some sewing on the Obama blue quilt-working on the borders. I sat down to watch TV at 9PM Yeah-I'm still awake. I watched all of Criminal Minds and then began CSI-NY love that Gary Sineese (sp). I woke up at 11:30 and now I have no idea who dunnit. DRAT!

This morning I got up and worked on the quilt again but am at a stopping point since my calculations again were wrong and I need more fabric for the outer border. Another trip to Sweet Home! But since this is my long weekend off starting tomorrow, I can head out there then-finish the quilt. I also plan to cut the binding for Laurie's quilt and get that puppy started. Spiff will have to surrender the quilt for me to sew on the binding. I will need to clear off a large space on my sewing table as this quilt is ginoumous!! I will be hand sewing forever!! Maybe it will be done by the time she comes home from Japan. I'm thinking...what a great birthday present! Heehee, Laurie

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Gretchen said...

Hmmmm wonder what else you bought at Melisa's....I'm sure it was just the border fabric right?