Friday, November 7, 2008

TGIF says it all.....

My it has been a long week. Probably because of the mid week trip to So Carolina. It really isn't that far but it is such a boring ride. I left work early on Wed so that I could be up there before it got dark. Mission accomplished. And after dinner with some other HMR people, I went back to the hotel and promptly fell asleep. The hotel is less than a mile from home office. The meeting was, as usual, way too long. By 5PM I was pretty much numb frozen over and then had to drive back....mostly in the dark.....with all the trucks.....not a happy camper to be sure. The one good thing about the meeting was that I won two a pretty fall centerpiece and the other a totally useless decoration. I think Laurie usually has a dumb gift giveaway, so I will give it to her to put in her regift closet.

This weekend I intend to work on Kris's bag and maybe a little of the Obama blue quilt. I so wanted to take my sewing machine with me and work on it in the hotel!

Laur called last night and surprise,surprise, she is not returning until sometime before Christmas. Since I don't have animal responsibilities this time, it is not so bad. I wonder where she gets her gypsy blood? She emailed me pictures of the party she planned for the third quarter incentives. I forgot to ask her if the weather is cooling down over there. Hope she isn't too interested in who is the Ga state senator because it looks like a runoff and another vote...goody more negative campaigning!

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Gretchen said...

I am so glad it is Friday also. This has been a wasted week for me because I am still trying to recover from celebrating on Tuesday night and from working at Sbux all week. So glad to go to and from SC OK. Happy sewing this weekend! Can't wait to see your Obama quilt!!!!! PS: miss you terribly, we need to get a sewing time set up