Monday, November 3, 2008

The Temptress is at it again.....

I needed to get some aurafil thread for Kris. I know Melisa has it but am not sure about other stores....besides I haven't been there since......well that's beside the point..okay-so i have been there recently.
At any rate, after work today I headed down there to get the thread since Kris is ready to sew her quilt top. Now you can't just go all that way for a spool of thread so I have to check out the store and chat with Melisa. Heard all about Houston and her adventure with Pat, AKA Sister Superior!
She had Pat's pattern Star Gazing next to the shelf with American Primer on it. I decided I needed to use that fabric with that pattern. I look at it has contributing to my 401F program! But right now it is on the kitchen table...and I just about got the kitchen straigthened up this weekend and here I go again. But At least I used constraint and did not go to part 2 of Sharon's sale.

Wednesday after work I have to drive up to So Car and the dreaded semi annual meeting at home office. I will be bitching all the way since it is such a waste of time. It could be done on a conference call just as easily and save lots of money. And I could sleep in my own bed. I am bitching already. But now I guess I should go to bed!

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

Becky said...

It will be neat to see your version of Star Gazing in that fabric line. So sorry that you had to buy thread :)
Hope the trip to SC is not too bad. Take care!

Gretchen said...

Going to buy thread is very dangerous! I *had* to buy some American Primer too at Melisa's for a jelly roll quilt (surprise, surprise). Safe travelings tomorrow!!!!