Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Monday after work I picked up 3 quilts from Peggy-Obama Blue, Bistro cabin and Kris's Amy Butler quilt. When I got home, I was unable to find the binding for Kris's quilt so I called her. I had for some unknown reason, given the fabric for the binding to her. And she used it. Bummer. so Tuesday after work, I head to Intown to see if I can replace it. I ended up deciding to use the same fabric as the backing-not the original plan but I think it actually works out better! I made the binding and now have all of the bindings stitched onto the quilts...on to the hand sewing part. I enjoy doing this while watching tv. And it keeps me from falling asleep before 10 PM. Only problem is that I end up with my hands aching...which is why I have given up sewing for the night tonight. I just took some tylenol extra strength and hopefully it will kick in soon!

Blogging buddies attention...Melisa is at it again!!! She has 2 new programs which sound like a good deal. Go to the Sweet Home web site to check them out. More reasons to have to go to Sweet Home! I need to go this weekend anyway as I need one more piece of fabric for the workshop in Fl.

If I don't see the sun soon, I think I am going to totally lose it. I am glad for the rain as Lanier is now up almost 2 feet. But it is so gray outside. I hate the winter season, I think I have seasonal affective disorder!

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Becky said...

What time are you going to Sweet Home on Saturday? Maybe, we can meet there.