Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spending money is not always fun

I had a "to do" list yesterday. #1 on the list was taking the care in for servicing in prep for the trip to Fl. I got to Honda bright and early-8AM. And it went downhill from there. I was presented with a list of needs with a hefty total. But I did agree to the brakes..after all I am not stupid. I don't want to coast into the Gulf of Mexico! At any rate, then I called Laurie and asked her if she would pick me up. How long can you sit in a waiting room. I only had 2 magazines with me.
She did and it was an interesting trip back to Alpharetta what with Lilly in the backseat attempting to drive! Lilly is not yet a good traveler in the car and poor Laur was really stressed. We went to obedience class. Lilly did better at that-actually she was the best one in the class. But there were only the 2 dogs. Thank goodness I have cats! Another stop to pick up antler chew toy for the girl-she has gone through all of her other chew toys. Then we went to pottery. I met lots of Laurie's pottery people. It was kind of like quilting with dirty hands! It was very interesting to be an observer in this class as these are all experienced potters. I watched some pieces being created, others trimmed. While I was out with Laurie, Cindi called and she was at Sweet Home. I made her go check on Jelly rolls to see if anything new had come in since I was last there! She also called later on in the evening and reported on her purchases. She did good!!!

So after Laur took me back to Honda, I came home and pretty much collapsed. Laurie wore me out. And last evening 2 of my favorite movies were on- Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail. I have seen both about a gazillion times. I ended up doing some serious sleeping on the couch and woke up after one in the morning to move into the bedroom.

Today I must begin to gather stuff up for Fl. which means venturing into the sewing room and making piles of stuff. Not sure how I am going to keep it together yet. My sewing stuff may need it's own suitcase. Also got to call Peggy and touch base with her

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laurie said...

Hey, that's a typical Saturday in the life of me! :) On the go man! Thanks for tagging along.

Have a great trip!

Becky said...

Hope you have a fabulous time in Florida! Enjoy the warm temps and sewing time! Sounds like a perfect week to me.