Sunday, January 11, 2009

Surrendering to the night

It is 3AM and I am wide awake. I decided to get up before I really realized that it was only 3AM I really need to do something about this sleep pattern but I don't know what. My doctor was making rounds at work the other day and I asked her what she thought about melatonin. she said it wouldn't hurt but probably wouldn't work very long. And I never got around to getting any. I really don't want to take anything stronger for sleep. Oh well. I do sleep in the early evening and quite soundly on the couch.

After I got back from Sweet Home yesterday and piddled around some, I started cutting some fabric for Bonnie's quilt. Thanks to Becky, I figured out how to download the directions without chopping of the right margin. Now when I read them, I don't have to decide how the sentence ends! I cut the indigo squares for step one and the cheddar triangles. Also some of the neutral triangles but I don't have enough of that fabric by a long shot. I made one block in step one. 119 more to go! Then I went to find Carolina Crossing to see where I stopped on that one. I am still on step 2 of that project.

Forgot one purchase yesterday at Sweet Home. I did buy into the new program Sweet Deal. It is her new discount program and the card it good for 6 months. It is a good deal for me as I seem to be spending more time out there!

Guess I will go cut some more triangles and make a pot of coffee since I seem to be up for the day.
Sleepless in Lawrenceville

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