Saturday, January 10, 2009

Melisa made me do it.....

This morning Becky and I drove out to Sweet Home. Gee I haven't been there in a week! And she is at it again. She's getting the new stuff in now that inventory is over. Yup-I am in trouble. Moda's Zippity doo dah is in and she is loaded-jelly rolls, honey buns and lots of different yardage. So she says, "Look at this cute pattern using the honey buns." If I had a basket, it would be in. The pattern is called Dutch Treat by Pieces of the Heart. I am going to use the beige for the background and the dark fabric with tan and red flowers for the border. And of course, I need a jelly roll of it just never know when you will need one! I picked up 3 random pieces of fabric for the challenge block for the workshop. They are the pieces of batik from last year's Shop Hop. Also needed one more piece of fabric for one of the FL projects-I decided to get one of the pieces from the American Primer line.

I took out the blocks that I started a couple of months ago using charm pack material-and a disappearing 9 patch pattern. When I made the blocks, they were so dull and drab, they have just been sitting around. We had a committee meeting at the shop and I am going to modify that firecracker pattern (I hope)-that is the blue. I will also use that as an inner border. The dark red will be the outer border. So when are these projects due to be completed????? We won't even go there!

Now I am home and I don't know which project to start first. Also Bonnie's mystery quilt steps are all up and on line. I really like the quilt. Have I even cut one piece of step one? That would be a big no. I guess I had better get cracking!!

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Gretchen said...

Great fabrics!!! Hope you left some for me LOL! I have startec cutting Bonnie's mystery and cleaned my sewing space.