Friday, September 12, 2008

Committee Meeting

This is a ridiculous time to be up!!!! I am really tired but sleep is eluding me this night. I even tried a glass of milk and this usually works. Henry is really put out that I am not in bed!

After work today, i went and picked up Becky and we headed over to Sharon Henderson's house. Sharon (of the famous Sharron and Shannon duo) is having a garage sale. Tables and tables of fabric and fabric kits. Preview night thurs 7-9. And it was like old home week. The last time I saw so many familiar faces (or the second last time I saw so many familiar faces) was at a poling place. I guess this bunch quilts and works the polls! I cam home with treasures...just what I need-more fabric! One of the items purchased, package states: "80 plus 9" squares Quilt Idea- I haven't got a clue but I bet it would be good!" How could I pass that up, it only cost $5! I also had to buy a wooden sign that states "attack cat on duty"-for 50 cents!

Sharon and Shannon are the leaders of quilt camp, so I will get to see them again next week. Cindi says I will have to come up with a name for them to to go with Bad Melisa-Evil Temptress and Sister Superior. I know it will come to me...maybe that is why I can't sleep!
Must call the Temptress sometime on Fri to find out if Portabello mushroom has come in...but tomorrow is another and thankfully the last 10 hour day. Also I have the deposition in the morning. Laywer, "Do you remember so and so?" Me, "can't say that I do. Was he old and in a wheelchair? Dah..I can't remember last week most of the time let alone 4 years ago"

Now the boys are all up and think it is time that they should eat! I give up

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

laurie said...

See! Can't blame it on Wonder Pup anymore! (Who sleeps in now - but mostly cause I think she doesn't like to jump off the bed!)

Becky said...

Thank you for taking me to Sharon's sale. I just didn't want to miss that. How nice to have a nurse take me on my first outing!