Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy and sad......all at the same time

Sunday morning and I am back from "camp". Like the Olympics, this one was the best one ever! I wish I had been able to blog all much to tell. I got up early thrs morning and loaded the car and hit the road. I got out to FaaFaa Land around 9AM. Then unloaded the car, I was tired by the time I got all of my stuff into the sewing room. I set up my area and visited with the gang that was already there. Cindi went out Wed night as did a few others.
Time for a road trip. S and S found a new shop! It is in Jackson-only 13 miles from camp. So 2 carloads of people set out for Jackson. LOTS of Moda and she had new stuff and some older stuff. Jelly rolls!!!!!!! I was in heaven. We got back to FaaFaa at around noon, just in time for lunch. The afternoon was spent visiting with everyone as they arrived and I did work on a charm patch project. I am going to make a small lap quilt for one of my ladies in the "home". Only downside was ...where was Louise? I figured she would beat me there in the morning and would surely be there when we got back from Jackson. But no, no Louise. I left messages all over the place-home, cell, Mike. Didn't hear from either until almost 9PM. Louise got her dates mixed up and thought it was next weekend! I was glad to hear from her as I was really getting worried that something had happened.

We all sewed, visited and laughed until quite late on thrs night.
Shannon did a presentation on her Aunt Della which was wonderful. She also had some of Della's work around the room. Such beautiful handwork and tiny stitches. No rotary cutter or machine quilting for Della. One of her quilts is what we will be doing for the project this year. It is called Union Square.

We started sewing the strips on Friday.....all day Friday. The pile of strips just went on forever. I made 2 blocks so that I would begin to understand the construction and then went back to sewing strip sets. More laughing and game playing.Stop to eat and that is it and then back to sewing some more.

Saturday morning-another roadtrip. Back to Sweet Home. Not that I needed to go there but Melisa said she would see me on Sat and I could not let her down. I bought some of the new Nacny Halvorsen line. It is to die for!!!! then back to camp.
(Louise arrived friday evening after Shannon told her to get her butt out here. She was not going to come on thrs night when I finally talked to her. But she really needed to be there to get her back into sewing mode.)

I skipped sat lunch-I was still full from bkfst. I am not used to eating a full bkfst. All afternoon, I sewed strip sets, on and on they went. I finally finished them up around 8 PM. Did not get to press the sets until Sunday morning before I left.

All in all it was the usual wonderful time. No tv or radio-I have no idea what is going on in the world. It is so beautiful out there (not that we are outside much except to walk from where we sleep to where we sew and eat.)

Now I am back at home with the boys who are not to happy with me at the moment. Spooky did not even come when I called him. But finally his stomach got the best of him and he came from wherever he was hanging out. Now I have to put all of my stuff back in the sewing room. Somehow I came home with more stuff than when I left. The only thing I am looking forward to is sleeping in my own bed tonight.

This was the sixth year that I have gone to FaaFaa for the quilt retreat. Something to look forward to..same time next year

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Gretchen said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful time. Gee I wonder how you came home with more stuff...could it be visits to 2 quilt shops???? LOL!! Missed you at sisters. Please post your goodies & projects :)