Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just hanging' out....

Last night Cindi and I went over to hang out with Becky while her husband went to the Parkview football game. I did not have any handwork to do, so I sewed a little on the binding of Cindi's quilt. We had a really nice time. Becky looks well considering it is only about a week and a half after her hip replacement. I credit it to good nursing care supplied by her husband and Rusty! I made a scenic tour of her neighborhood in the dark on the way home. Got completely turned around but finally found Killian Hill.

Becky mentioned that Bonnie Hunter had posted a new mystery quilt on her blog. This morning I downloaded it. My printer prints in slomo so it look quite awhile to get the whole thing. I will put it in a folder for future use.

I also woke up Laur...thought I was supposed to go there today for the sewing machine tutoring. But no, it is tomorrow. Hope she got back to sleep. Then I decided I felt the need for a trip out to see Bad Melisa, evil temptress! I bought another jelly roll. And she said her Moda man is coming for a pre market viewing....I know there will be more stuff that is a gotta have for the Spring!

I'm thinking now about doing a little sewing or a little vegging...don't know which yet!

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Becky said...

Thanks so much to you and Cindy for "babysitting" me on Friday evening! It was wonderful talking quilting and other stuff. I can't wait until I can work on a project with my sewing machine!

Take care!