Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great friends.....

I got an email from my friend Sarah that Melisa (of Bad Melisa Evil Temptress) has some Portabello Market in!!!! Yeah....I can't wait to see which ones she got but since gas here in the metro seems to be a little scarce I guess I will control myself. I am heading in that direction on Thursday anyway, so I can stop then.

Speaking of Thursday........I am psyched...quilt camp starts!!!!
I started making a list of things that need to go with me. I guess I will load the car when I get home from work on Wed. evening. Don't need many clothes..that is the easy is the "stuff" that I will need for 3 glorious days of sewing and laughing!

Yesterday Kris and Tyler came over. Tyler (bless his heart) replaced my ailing mailbox and post. Then Kris and I went to Intown in search of fabric that she has fallen in love with. When I saw the fabric line that she printed off the web, I knew that Intown would be the place to go! We had a lot of success and she was in overload. She found the fabric line that she wanted and also went nuts over the other stuff that they carry. I might have a quilter out of the three of them after all!
However, for this particular quilt, the fabric purchased did come back to my house. I am going to work with her on sewing quarter inch seams. I gave her a rotary cutter, mat, ruler and glove so she could practice. She still has her knitted rug project to complete.

I really didn't get much done during the week, sewing wise. But it was great fun seeing all the peeps at Sharon's garage sale on Thrs. I was so tempted to stop again on my way home from Intown yesterday. Maybe this afternoon I will do a little sewing of strips for Carolina Crossing. I don't want to start anything big since there will be a new top in production at camp.

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