Monday, February 2, 2009

The actual quilt retreat

Check in was Friday at noon with free sewing in the afternoon. Lug in all the crap and set it up. I spent the afternoon finishing up the one block on the Double Delight mystery quilt. Then I began to cut step 2. I jumped over this step because it was more of step 1!
Dinner was in a separte room. The quilt shop did the cooking. I wonder if they deliver?
Friday evening was the lecture by Peggy Barkle on the journey of a quilter. She rocked the house. By the end of the lecture, I think there were several that wished they had signed up for her workshop. I did not give up my spot!!
Forgot about the was gorgeous. We watched the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico. I have already posted that picture. After Peggy's lecture, I puttered a little longer and then headed back to my room. I was really chilly and there was no blanket on my bed. It fianlly occured to me to turn the heat on and then I was okay. I woke up in the middle of the night-all the lights on. I guess the heat had not been turned on in a while as the floor around the unit had all kinds of black flaky stuff...yuck!
Saturday morning was the workshop. There were 3 workshops going on: Peggy doing blendable curves, Pat AKA Most exhalted Thimble doing her How does your garden grow and a lady from Fl named Sunnie Malesky teaching one of her designs. The lighting in the facility was AWFUL. I am so glad I had my Ott lite. Peggy's class area was a little tight with all the people in the class. Otherwise the area was okay. The shop had brought some stuff over as well so you could go shopping if you wanted to.

After dinner was the mystery quilt. It is an orignal pattern by Sunnie. In the beginning, I had a really tough time but I think it was because I was tired. My table partner and I finally figured out step one. And actually it is a nice pattern. I was able to finish 2 blocks before heading back to bed.

Forgot about Peggy's class. I am working on Curvasy Stars. I have completed 4 so far. It is quite freeing to not worry about quarter inch seams. I actually cut the curve freehand!

Sunday morning was breakfast and then Pat's lecture. By the I was exhausted keeping an eye on her!!

Then pack up and head home to sleep in my own bed.

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