Saturday, February 7, 2009

Please, don't tease me

The weather guys on 11Alive are promising that the weather is going to moderate and we are going to have temps in the 60's. I sure hope he is not toying with me because I hate this cold weather. Henry also hates it and has been spending a good deal of his time under the quilts. He is always under the covers in bed too!

So what is on tap for the weekend. I have lots of projects to work on. The mystery quilt from last weekend needs borders-still don't know what direction I will be going in on that one.
I have lots of blocks to do on step 2 of the Double Delight project.
I need to work on the Curvasy Stars-8 more blocks to do on that one
And then there is the honey bun roll and pattern I bought on the last trip to Sweet Home.

I did laundry last evening and the house got cleaned on Monday so I don't have much to do in that department, just change the sheets and throw them in the machine.
Tomorrow I will be hanging out with the birthday girl. I guess today I will chill with the guys. Henry is sitting on my lap right now, monitoring the blog

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Gretchen said...

Henry is so smart. It ended up being a nice day today. My guys were all laying in sunbeams all day. Sounds like you will get a bunch of sewing in this weekend. Lucky!!