Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter whining....

The wind is blowing and the temperature is dropping tonight. I am so tired of winter I could scream. What did I do when I loved in NY and winter lasted until mid April? But that is beside the point because that is why I moved south-to escape the cold! I come home and put on my fluffy bathrobe right over my clothes.

I finished construction of the blocks of the mystery quilt from the retreat. I will sew them together and think about the borders. I have a thought already but I will have to see what it looks like and then decide.

I am glad that this is a short work week because man was I tired at the end of today....three more days until the weekend!! This weekend will celebrate Sarah's #7 birthday. She was 7 on the first but the party is next weekend and then the following weekend is Emma's fourth birthday.

Nothing much new-guess I will go veg with the guys. I have been forgiven (or they are cold too)!

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Becky said...

Glad that you are home. Sounds like a great trip and good sewing. Missed you!

Enjoy celebrating the girls' birthdays! Fun!