Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lazy days

Spiff knows how to have a good weekend...

Wouldn't it be nice if there were more Saturdays in the week? When I talked to Sue and Kris yesterday they wanted to know what I had planned. That would be nothing! I had already done the laundry and changed the bed. The vacuum was to remain in it's storage place and I was going to do some sewing and serious couch time!

I have been working on the blocks for the Union Square quilt from quilt camp and I think I have about 10 more to make. Maybe I will be able to get them finished this weekend.

Last evening I went over to Kris's house and we had dinner and a sewing lesson. She is doing very well and will soon be able to begin her own project. Right now she is practicing sewing quarter inch seams on scrap material. If she gets the "bug", I only hope that Tyler will not hate me!

Today I am going over to see the little girls after church. Sarah wants to do something. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Four-footers in big trouble....

Yesterday I stopped at Publix on the way home from work....nothing to eat in the house, as usual. I got food items,an air filter for the ac (as it was the first day of Fall so it needed to be changed) and catnip. I decided that the boys needed a treat. The big mouse that usually ends up in bed with me has a velcro opening where nip can be placed to enhance the enjoyment of playing with the mouse. I even gave the boys some loose nip to play with while I loaded the mouse.

This morning on my way to the kitchen, I noticed that the carpet felt gritty. It was a little later on that I noticed that there was catnip all over the rug. One of those buggers found the rest of the catnip and helped themselves. Never did find the bag! Will haave to go on a hunt afterwork today! They have not had catnip in a long time so I guess they felt entitled to more. Don't know which one was the thief but I know that they all enjoyed it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

new stuff

I downloaded some pictures from camp and I have to figure out how to post them but in the meantime, Gretchen wanted to see what I got on the roadtrips.
I purchased 2 jelly rolls:Vintage Reserve and Prarie Paisley both of course Moda, charm packs Bound to the Prairie, a great deep plum in yardage from the shop in jackson

Melisa has Nacy Halvorsen's new line Cider Mill Road. I needed a fat quarter batch of that as well as materials for borders. It is so beautiful. The colors are just so rich. Makes you think of fall and apple pie.

Back to work for me many days until camp comes around again?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy and sad......all at the same time

Sunday morning and I am back from "camp". Like the Olympics, this one was the best one ever! I wish I had been able to blog all much to tell. I got up early thrs morning and loaded the car and hit the road. I got out to FaaFaa Land around 9AM. Then unloaded the car, I was tired by the time I got all of my stuff into the sewing room. I set up my area and visited with the gang that was already there. Cindi went out Wed night as did a few others.
Time for a road trip. S and S found a new shop! It is in Jackson-only 13 miles from camp. So 2 carloads of people set out for Jackson. LOTS of Moda and she had new stuff and some older stuff. Jelly rolls!!!!!!! I was in heaven. We got back to FaaFaa at around noon, just in time for lunch. The afternoon was spent visiting with everyone as they arrived and I did work on a charm patch project. I am going to make a small lap quilt for one of my ladies in the "home". Only downside was ...where was Louise? I figured she would beat me there in the morning and would surely be there when we got back from Jackson. But no, no Louise. I left messages all over the place-home, cell, Mike. Didn't hear from either until almost 9PM. Louise got her dates mixed up and thought it was next weekend! I was glad to hear from her as I was really getting worried that something had happened.

We all sewed, visited and laughed until quite late on thrs night.
Shannon did a presentation on her Aunt Della which was wonderful. She also had some of Della's work around the room. Such beautiful handwork and tiny stitches. No rotary cutter or machine quilting for Della. One of her quilts is what we will be doing for the project this year. It is called Union Square.

We started sewing the strips on Friday.....all day Friday. The pile of strips just went on forever. I made 2 blocks so that I would begin to understand the construction and then went back to sewing strip sets. More laughing and game playing.Stop to eat and that is it and then back to sewing some more.

Saturday morning-another roadtrip. Back to Sweet Home. Not that I needed to go there but Melisa said she would see me on Sat and I could not let her down. I bought some of the new Nacny Halvorsen line. It is to die for!!!! then back to camp.
(Louise arrived friday evening after Shannon told her to get her butt out here. She was not going to come on thrs night when I finally talked to her. But she really needed to be there to get her back into sewing mode.)

I skipped sat lunch-I was still full from bkfst. I am not used to eating a full bkfst. All afternoon, I sewed strip sets, on and on they went. I finally finished them up around 8 PM. Did not get to press the sets until Sunday morning before I left.

All in all it was the usual wonderful time. No tv or radio-I have no idea what is going on in the world. It is so beautiful out there (not that we are outside much except to walk from where we sleep to where we sew and eat.)

Now I am back at home with the boys who are not to happy with me at the moment. Spooky did not even come when I called him. But finally his stomach got the best of him and he came from wherever he was hanging out. Now I have to put all of my stuff back in the sewing room. Somehow I came home with more stuff than when I left. The only thing I am looking forward to is sleeping in my own bed tonight.

This was the sixth year that I have gone to FaaFaa for the quilt retreat. Something to look forward to..same time next year

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Preparing to go to camp....

I have piles of stuff all over...things I need to take with me. I have some stuff already in bags....but then there is more! I was trying to figure out how I was going to get to Melisa's and still make it out to Covington early enough...but then again early enough is not important. I decided that I would hit Sweet Home this afternoon to check out Portabello (mushroom)Market. I got the backing and binding. It was not what I thought I would want on the back of the quilt but since I had lots of receipts, I already had enough for the fabric. Actually, after getting 6 1/4 yards of fabric without paying more money and I still have receipts left!! I have been bad at Sweet Home.

I also came home with another jelly roll that I wanted. American Primer came in....Gretchen will be happy I am sure. Bistro is still not in but that is for another trip!

As I was leaving, Melisa said she'd see me on Sat. I said I didn't know and then she said you never know what will be delivered in the next 2 days.....THAT is why she is Bad Melisa, evil temptress.. So I guess I will be there on Saturday just in case!

Preparing to go to camp....

Posting in the middle of the night......

Yes, it is three thirty in the morning and I am wide awake. I knew this was going to happen since I was unable to stay awake last evening. I kept falling asleep on the couch.

I dropped off Laurie's Far East quilt at Peggy's after work yesterday. We sat and chatted for awhile and she told me of a new McDonough. Gotta figure out where that is...maybe a road trip in the future!

I really have to start pulling stuff together for camp. I want to load the car tonight so I can get up tomorrow and I NEED to stop on my way at Sweet Home and check out which fabs in the Portobello line that Melisa selected. But if I do that I won't get to camp until noon so I might go out to camp and then swing back in the afternoon. Have to find out when the others are going to Melisa's.

Peggy showed me a pattern called "disappearing nine patch". I am thinking about some of the piles I am looking at right now. It would be an easy and fast quilt top....just what I need-another quilt top. I am hoping to make the 2 backings in the next week so I can get them to Peggy as well. When I finish them, I will have met my goal for 2008-20 finished quilts. However, I have not finished all old projects. Oh well.......there is always 2009!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Time flies when you're having fun...

Can't believe the weekend is already flew by. But I accomplished something anyway. Laur has been asking when I was going to finish the Far East quilt. The top has been done for quite awhile but I was stumped with how to finish the back. I knew I had to piece it but that is as far as it went. Today I sat down and did it! I felt like I was constructing a tent as it had to be bigger than the top which is basically king size. To say that the back is different is an understatement! Because different it is! I will give Peggy a call tomorrow and see if I can drop it off before camp.

I made the quilt top for Kris as well. This is a little one-only 65 inches square. It is quite pink! Kris is already online looking at fabric and wants to attempt to make a quilt top. I took the scraps over to her house this afternoon and told her she needs to practice sewing on them. She has an easy pattern in mind and I know she can do it.

Now I think I will head off to bed as I keep falling asleep on the couch. But first I think I shall put away the laundry that I did yesterday. I just took it out of the dryer! Only the one bathroom got cleaned this weekend-never got around o the other one....I'm bad

Great friends.....

I got an email from my friend Sarah that Melisa (of Bad Melisa Evil Temptress) has some Portabello Market in!!!! Yeah....I can't wait to see which ones she got but since gas here in the metro seems to be a little scarce I guess I will control myself. I am heading in that direction on Thursday anyway, so I can stop then.

Speaking of Thursday........I am psyched...quilt camp starts!!!!
I started making a list of things that need to go with me. I guess I will load the car when I get home from work on Wed. evening. Don't need many clothes..that is the easy is the "stuff" that I will need for 3 glorious days of sewing and laughing!

Yesterday Kris and Tyler came over. Tyler (bless his heart) replaced my ailing mailbox and post. Then Kris and I went to Intown in search of fabric that she has fallen in love with. When I saw the fabric line that she printed off the web, I knew that Intown would be the place to go! We had a lot of success and she was in overload. She found the fabric line that she wanted and also went nuts over the other stuff that they carry. I might have a quilter out of the three of them after all!
However, for this particular quilt, the fabric purchased did come back to my house. I am going to work with her on sewing quarter inch seams. I gave her a rotary cutter, mat, ruler and glove so she could practice. She still has her knitted rug project to complete.

I really didn't get much done during the week, sewing wise. But it was great fun seeing all the peeps at Sharon's garage sale on Thrs. I was so tempted to stop again on my way home from Intown yesterday. Maybe this afternoon I will do a little sewing of strips for Carolina Crossing. I don't want to start anything big since there will be a new top in production at camp.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lawyers-Instruments of Satan.....

There is a reason lawyers get a bad rap....some of them really deserve it-like the one I had to deal with today!

Today I had to go to a deposition about a case that took place 5 years ago when I was working at my former place of employment. I could not even remember the resident. Old and in a wheelchair....not too much else is clear in my memory. Anyway, I arrived for the 10:30 meeting and was there for three and a half hours (that includes 2 5 minute breaks). AND the whole damn thing was videotaped. Did I mention that I HATE lawyers? By the time I got back to work, I could have consumed a whole pitcher of some tasty drink had I had the chance. Alas-not the case and I went back to doing my usual job. Did I mention just how much I hate lawyers? They are depicable people on the whole!!!!! At any rate hopefully this is a done deal. But then again the good lawyer, told me there is yet another case. Will it never end? I hate lawyers. I think I would like to work in a facility where all the residents are either totally with it or comatose and they have no families. There has got to be a better way to make a living than this nonsense!

Committee Meeting

This is a ridiculous time to be up!!!! I am really tired but sleep is eluding me this night. I even tried a glass of milk and this usually works. Henry is really put out that I am not in bed!

After work today, i went and picked up Becky and we headed over to Sharon Henderson's house. Sharon (of the famous Sharron and Shannon duo) is having a garage sale. Tables and tables of fabric and fabric kits. Preview night thurs 7-9. And it was like old home week. The last time I saw so many familiar faces (or the second last time I saw so many familiar faces) was at a poling place. I guess this bunch quilts and works the polls! I cam home with treasures...just what I need-more fabric! One of the items purchased, package states: "80 plus 9" squares Quilt Idea- I haven't got a clue but I bet it would be good!" How could I pass that up, it only cost $5! I also had to buy a wooden sign that states "attack cat on duty"-for 50 cents!

Sharon and Shannon are the leaders of quilt camp, so I will get to see them again next week. Cindi says I will have to come up with a name for them to to go with Bad Melisa-Evil Temptress and Sister Superior. I know it will come to me...maybe that is why I can't sleep!
Must call the Temptress sometime on Fri to find out if Portabello mushroom has come in...but tomorrow is another and thankfully the last 10 hour day. Also I have the deposition in the morning. Laywer, "Do you remember so and so?" Me, "can't say that I do. Was he old and in a wheelchair? Dah..I can't remember last week most of the time let alone 4 years ago"

Now the boys are all up and think it is time that they should eat! I give up

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Carolina Crossroads

This all started last Friday night at Becky's house. She mentioned that Bonnie Hunter had a new mystery quilt. So Saturday, I sat and downloaded tobacco Road for future use. Then I decided to check out her first mystery quilt Carolina Crossing. This one really spoke to me so I headed into the sewing room to collect some fabrics. I decided that I really like red, green and beige. The first year of quilt camp, we did a mystery quilt and did not know what it looked like until the end of Friday. It was a lot of fun and is still one of my favorite quilts. I gave it to Laurie for 2 Christmases! One year in pieces and the next year finished! She told me I could not have it back! Anyway it is called Spagetti Junction (after the 285 intersection at I85)

Back to the present.....I have started cutting and sewing and cutting some more. The strips are 1 1/2 inches wide. I have finished step one 100 rail post blocks-three and a half inch squares! I am not rushing to have yet another top finished. I still have to get a back for Orange Crush (Bonnie's last mystery) and then there are the other tops awaiting completion. And my goal of 20 completed quilts this year still has 2 to go. But I am waiting for Bad Melisa to get the fabric line for Portobello (not mushroom, but I can't remember the full name). Then I can get that one done. I have been on line and looking at the full line and think I know which one I want but it willl depend on Melisa. I put all my receipts from the shop together and added them up.....I have really been very bad in Conyers.....go Bad Melissa evil temptress!

This week we started our new routine in the office-every third week, we are going to work 4 10 hour days and have the fifth day off. This is my week. I had Monday off but I am really dragging and now I gotta get ready to go!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm so proud......

Today I went down to Laur's house and we had sewing class. Kris came over and they learned how to use their sewing machines. The both wanted to make window treatments. Both of them did really well. Kris learned how to make French seams and Laurie made a lined valence. Laurie was also taking pictures with her new camera and promised to upload when she figured out how with this new camera.

We all had a good time! Stopped over at Sue's house on the way home to see most of the rest of the family. Tyler was working but I saw everyone else today! Sarah was off to a brownie meeting but Emma and I hung out for a little while.

Now I am home again....out all way wears me out!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just hanging' out....

Last night Cindi and I went over to hang out with Becky while her husband went to the Parkview football game. I did not have any handwork to do, so I sewed a little on the binding of Cindi's quilt. We had a really nice time. Becky looks well considering it is only about a week and a half after her hip replacement. I credit it to good nursing care supplied by her husband and Rusty! I made a scenic tour of her neighborhood in the dark on the way home. Got completely turned around but finally found Killian Hill.

Becky mentioned that Bonnie Hunter had posted a new mystery quilt on her blog. This morning I downloaded it. My printer prints in slomo so it look quite awhile to get the whole thing. I will put it in a folder for future use.

I also woke up Laur...thought I was supposed to go there today for the sewing machine tutoring. But no, it is tomorrow. Hope she got back to sleep. Then I decided I felt the need for a trip out to see Bad Melisa, evil temptress! I bought another jelly roll. And she said her Moda man is coming for a pre market viewing....I know there will be more stuff that is a gotta have for the Spring!

I'm thinking now about doing a little sewing or a little vegging...don't know which yet!

Monday, September 1, 2008


I finished the quilt called Garden Trellis from the Jelly Roll book. It is made with the fabric line called Portugual from Moda. Another quilt that is not really my colors but I love it!
Also made the top from the fabric I bought some time ago at Sweet Home. It is from a charm pack book called Simply Charming. Fabric line is called Spring Meadow by Moda. Do you sense a pattern here? It is Melisa's fault-she also seems to be hooked on Moda. Go Melisa...more Moda please!