Thursday, September 11, 2008

Carolina Crossroads

This all started last Friday night at Becky's house. She mentioned that Bonnie Hunter had a new mystery quilt. So Saturday, I sat and downloaded tobacco Road for future use. Then I decided to check out her first mystery quilt Carolina Crossing. This one really spoke to me so I headed into the sewing room to collect some fabrics. I decided that I really like red, green and beige. The first year of quilt camp, we did a mystery quilt and did not know what it looked like until the end of Friday. It was a lot of fun and is still one of my favorite quilts. I gave it to Laurie for 2 Christmases! One year in pieces and the next year finished! She told me I could not have it back! Anyway it is called Spagetti Junction (after the 285 intersection at I85)

Back to the present.....I have started cutting and sewing and cutting some more. The strips are 1 1/2 inches wide. I have finished step one 100 rail post blocks-three and a half inch squares! I am not rushing to have yet another top finished. I still have to get a back for Orange Crush (Bonnie's last mystery) and then there are the other tops awaiting completion. And my goal of 20 completed quilts this year still has 2 to go. But I am waiting for Bad Melisa to get the fabric line for Portobello (not mushroom, but I can't remember the full name). Then I can get that one done. I have been on line and looking at the full line and think I know which one I want but it willl depend on Melisa. I put all my receipts from the shop together and added them up.....I have really been very bad in Conyers.....go Bad Melissa evil temptress!

This week we started our new routine in the office-every third week, we are going to work 4 10 hour days and have the fifth day off. This is my week. I had Monday off but I am really dragging and now I gotta get ready to go!

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Gretchen said...

I like Carolina Crossroads too but need to finish Orange Crush still!!!