Thursday, July 30, 2009

The natives are very unhappy...

Well I have been "up" since about four this morning. The reason is partially due to my inability to stay asleep all night but also, in this instance, due to the boys looking for food. I had to take up the food last evening at 8 PM in preparation for Willie's surgery today. Now I repeatedly told them last evening that they had better eat their supper. I guess they weren't listening because starting at about 11 PM, they were complaining about no food. You would think that they had not had anything to eat in days. They have another hour to wait however. I have to be at the vet when they open at 7, so I can go on to work. I will put Willie in the carrier and then Henry and Spooky will be able to eat at long last!!

On a much sadder note, Kris amd Tyler's dog Gunnar died yesterday. He had been sick for the last couple of months with an irritable bowel type thing and the vets were trying prednosine and special foods. Needless to say the kids are devastated at their loss. This has not been a good year for our animals-first Bailey, then Spiff and now Gunnar.

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Gretchen said...

Sorry to hear about Gunnar; very sad.