Saturday, July 25, 2009


Just when I think he may be calming down a bit, Himself demonstrates that I am wrong!!! This morning I went into my bathroom to find that he decided to unroll the toilet paper. I have never had an animal do that before. TP all over the bathroom floor. And I know it had to be him because the other tow would never even think about it. I made the appointment yesterday for his "operation". He will go on Thursday.

I am still working on the binding on the project from last year's quilt camp. I will post a picture when I complete it. One more project completed.

I am feeling the need for a trip to Sweet Home to celebrate Bad Melisa's upcoming birthday and anniversary of my favorite place to shop. Not that I need anything but there is a sale, after all! Gretchen of Stella Bella mentioned this as well as did Cindi. I am also looking forward to her Midnight Madness sale the end of August. It was so much fun last year.

But now it is time to knock off some of the usual Saturday stuff.....

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Gretchen said...

Gomez loves to SHRED and unroll the TP also. We have taken to keep it off the roll and sitting on the bar thing. Maybe they had a conference call about it when we were at work. Gomez also likes to pull kleenex out of the box and shred it so we have to turn the box upside down or use shreds.

Sorry Cindi and I missed seeing you at Sweet Home on Sat. I bought a couple of half-yards and a backing for my blue & white dancing star quilt.