Sunday, May 4, 2008

Already the weekend is almost over. Kathy is back home in Mahopac, safe and sound. Our time together went so fast-not that I had made many plans. What a lousy hostess! I guess hermits don't know of the exciting things to do!

We got to the airport early this afternoon and sat in the atrium. The airport was full of soldiers. We told each other that they were only going back to their respective bases but in our hearts we knew that most likely that was not the case. Boys and girls, hardly out of their teens. I wanted to cry. Well actually both Kathy and I got choked up. They came through the atrium and as has become the custom, the people stopped what they were doing, stood up and applauded until they had passed. All I could do was pray, please be safe. My friends and family all know that I am not terribly politcial but had I seen a congressperson, I think I would have shouted at him or her-enough. End this, these kids need to be here not fighting in some nasty place. Thankfully all my children are not involved. I don't think I could stand it. I only have to worry about Linda's son.

Got to talk to Laur on skype today and got to see her on the computer. I sent her a couple of pictures of Bailey checking ou the neighborhood. She held up the doohickey so I could see out the window of her apartment. It is already Monday morning there. It is still "Golden week" over there so she has a little time to do whatever. I wonder what awaits me at work tomorrow?

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