Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yikes...tagged again....

Becky tagged me....problem is I don't know many people to tag..but here goes

The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names. Then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they are tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person you tagged you know when you've posted your answer.
Here goes:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I had just moved to Ga from Ny. I was newly divorced and beginning the next chapter of my life. I had just purchased my own home and was waiting for it to be completed so I could move in. And I had just started a new job doing something I had never done before!

2.What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order.)Call the vet and see if I can board Bailey an additional day so I can be with my friend an additional day, work on step 2 of the orange crush mystery, do the work thing, see if I can contact the guy about the repair of the flashing on the house,...that is it and I probably won't get them completed either
3.Snacks I enjoy:chocolate ice cream, Drake's coffee cakes, my-t-fine chocolate pudding,chocolate milk, chocolate chip cookies

4.Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Quit my job and play all day!! Design and build a house to meet all of my needs. Give an endowment to my old church in NY. Travel and drag along some friends and provide for my granddaughters educations.

5.Peeps I want to know about
Cindi(knapsackquilts), Laurie, Becky hit all of the blogs I know, but I would like to know about my friend Kathy (don't kill me), Louise.

1 wonderful peoplecomments:

Becky said...

Thanks for playing along! It is so much fun learning more about our quilting friends!