Saturday, May 3, 2008

This is my life!!!!

Saturday morning and I am playing on the computer.......Kathy and I have had breakfast-chocolate croissants(life is good) and Bailey is having her first (or second)post parndial nap. She almost got attacked by Spiff but was saved by the babygate. I would have had to send a pix to Laur of BAiley with a bandaid on her snout! One of these days I think Spiff is going to get her!

Anyway, I was checking my usual blogs and one of my favs is Sawdust and Cowpies (I have a link). He cracks me up. On one of his blogs there is a singer doing the "remember song". It is pretty much me. I have taken to posting a note in my car to remember to shut off the lights and take the keys! The little alram thing no longer works and a note is cheaper than getting it fixed! Yesterday it took me about 5 minutes to find my car keys. They had fallen on the floor in the car! I have a major case of CRS! (can't remember s___) BUT at dinner last night both Kathy and I were able to sing the whole Reingold beer gingle. Do they even make Reingold beer anymore? And what happened to all those Miss Reingold's of the 50's and 60's??? Where are y'all now?

Today we are going to go to Laurie's pottery studio for the sale. I downladed directions to get there. Just need to remember to take them with me!

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