Monday, May 12, 2008

Yada yada yada....blah blah blah

So the weekend is over, and we survived!! Now that ordinarily is not a problem but then again this is Georgia in the springtime. I went over to watch the little girls Saturday night and got back home about 11 PM. Then I kind of chilled with Bailey since she had been alone. What a good grandmother! Went to bed around oneish. Now I heard the thunder and rain during the night and got out of bed at my ususal time (5AM). When I put the tv on I knew it wasn't good since the weather guys were on. Early Sunday morning is usually infomercials. Oh goodie, more tornadoes in Ga. Fortunately not too close to me! I wouldn't take Bailey out in the backyard since the rain had created mudpuddles.

After church, I came home and started working on the babyquilt. I was bound and determined that I was going to get this thing finished and out of my hair! Congrats to me-mission accomplished. Binding is on and the quilt is finished!!!

Saturday I went over to Stitch and Quilt and picked up the quilt I had left there. It is an early Pinhead project(picture to follow). I picked out a new quilting pattern because it has large areas of light colored material. The pattern worked out well. I put the binding on that one too-now I have to work on the hand sewing but the binding and backing are a black material-I will probably go blind trying to sew it!!

I looked at step 4 of the Orange Crush mystery quilt. Maybe I should just skip step 2 and 3. Since step 4 uses the blocks from step one. But I really need to read some more of Chris's book since Sue, Kris and I are planning to go tosee him on Friday night in Decatur when he will discuss the new book.

Sunday afternoon the wind did some damgae to an aluminum siding piece on the house. Now I need to find someone to fix it since I don't have a ladder tall enough to reach the area that pulled away.

Talk about a disjointed blog!

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Becky said...

Enjoyed your "disjointed post." Glad you were able to finish the baby quilt. Looking forward to seeing pictures.