Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The bad houseguest!

Up until this morning, Bailey has been pretty well-behaved. This morning however, she was a naughty girl. My poor Spiff ventured out of his bedroom prison and was harassed by the dog. So much barking!!! Spiff is really a very gentle boy even though he is quite large. I told Bailey that I was not happy with her behavior. Like she cared. next time she will be the one banished to the bedroom!

On another note, this is nurses week and we are being bombarded with food! I am currently on bagel #2. No lunch for me today...yumm everything bagel with cream cheese.

Stopped at Barnes and Noble yesterday after work and picked up Chris's new book. Did not get very far into it last night before I fell asleep. And I really have to layer up the quilt this afternoon, so I guess reading will be put on hold until the weekend.

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Becky said...

Time out for Bailey! Hope that you are more successful with this than I am with Rusty. He knows that I will cave quickly.

What book did you purchase?

Wow! It's Teacher Appreciation Week, too. It's great!

Take care

Gretchen said...

That's so odd because last week was public employee recognition week. We got a letter from the Gov. saying "thanks for all your hard work". I think we were robbed--I want bagels!!!!

Bailey looks much too cute to get in trouble. I think she was framed.

laurie said...

I heart Gretchen! Becky... poo on you! :) haha