Sunday, February 24, 2008


Laurie and Kris brought up the bed yesterday for the guestroom. Laurie also brought the duvet cover that she had on it. I put one of my older tied quilts inside it. The room now is a guest room/overflow quillt room.
Last night while I was watching TV, my boys were not there with me. When I checked, both Spiff and Henry were on the new bed...and they never came to bed last night. Oh so fickle!!!

I didn't win the lottery..of course I didn't buy a ticket! I really need to win so I can finish some of these quilts. I was busy yesterday and made some more binding. I have 3 more quilts ready to go but they have to wait as I have 7 there already. Kris has claimed the brown and teal one..the others have yet to find owners.