Friday, February 22, 2008

It's raining rain, hallelujah......

So the song had it raining men but rain is better. Can't imagine the mess of men splatts all over...would be worse than shoveling lots of snow!! It has been raining since yesterday and what a nice change. The drought in the South goes on so this is the proverbial drop in the bucket!
I had dinner with Laur last night-more about that later. We went to Dominick's a fav place for us in Norcross. We haven't been there in quite awhile. I brought home enough food for a meal tonight I realized that I went out twice during this week-so unusual for me. As a result, I haven't even thought about which project I will tackle next. And now it is blessed Friday...I love Friday because I am now looking forward to the weekend. Nothing really on tap for this weekend except possibly getting the bed from Laur for the guestroom (if it stops raining).