Wednesday, February 20, 2008

blog envy

My frineds Gretch and Becky have such wonderful blogs. Gret illustrates hers. I can not get the pictures in the right place when I try. Becky has great links. Yesterday I spent a good deal of time looking at her fav sites. They both have that cute weather pixie so I asked Laur to put one on my blog. I tried to link blogs and couldn't get that right so I had to turn to my IT person. "Mother, I am not in that field anymore" but she will fix me up anyway. So she gets the weather pixie on my blog but the pixie came with a dog. Oh well I can live with a dog-after all Bailey comes here on a regular basis. So this morning the damn dog is gone! Also the time is wrong. But I have a pixie!
The rickrack is all sewn down-I finished it last night. Then I started reading the book I picked up at the library. I really like the series but I am reading it out of order. I like the series so I Will read them as I can find them.

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Becky said...

It's just one step at a time and an e-mail to Gretch when I can't figure it out :) I did discover that I can't drag and click the photos on my Mac computer. I have to load them, then I arrange them on the PC after my work day ends.

Your dog is back. Must be suppertime!

Finished my Peace in the Valley. I machine sewed the rick rack. I just needed to be finished.

Gretchen said...

Karin--Check the library for a book on blogs or ask me for help LOL! I love my weather pixie--wish I had her outfits. I think the one you picked has a dog that comes and goes--always a surprise. I'm jealous of y'all's Peace in the Valley--I want one but don't know what colors to choose.

Anonymous said...

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